May 2015

A few weeks ago we were finally  able to visit Sierra Leone again.

The Ebola Outbreak came somewhat under control and now the aftermath of the epidemic becomes clear.

Of course there is a huge economic set back. But in the field of health there are also serious long term effects of the Ebola Outbreak. One is that Ebola survivors, In SL apr. 3500 people recovered from the disease) now have serious eye problems (so called uveitis) This can cause blindness if not treated.

One of the Eye Hospitals  has approached FAD for urgent assistance and support. See the link: Fund raising uveitis

But we are happy to inform you that Dutch people took up the challenge: a team of the Dutch Armed Forces (MATLOGCO) organised a so called “sponsored run” to collect funds for the people in need. This team  did a run with a total of 700 kilometres and the contributions collected were presented to the Friends of the African Dream. This was a lucky coincidence!!

We received a cheque of Euro 3.305,00.  This gave us the opportunity to help the first badge of 82 patients!

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