2007 – 2013

Eye care

The FAD has for over 4 years been providing

  • eye treatment support to patients in communities in Koya Chiefdom
  • training for the blind patients in the centre of Lunsar and support those patients in their home towns
  • free eye surgery and drugs for patients through the UMC eye Clinic in Kissy and the Baptist Eye Horspital in Lunsar
  • eye doctors from the Netherlands at several times to assist both  hospitals in Kissy and Lunsar
  • all needed logistics and equipment for the manufacture, storage and sales of eye drops in the Baptist Eye Clinic at Lunsar
  •  training for nurses to recognize eye problems


The FAD is providing funds to  establish a 40 acre continuous cropping and a 17 acre IVS for its agricultural programme for young farmers in Songo. At this moment 36 people are involved.

Amputees and polio patients

FAD provides micro finance programmes to amputees and polio victims in Grafton, Hastings, Rokel and Newton. Each family supported receives an annual amount to augment efforts at small enterprises to  reduce the dependency of these vulnerable people of begging and being exploited by others.

Fishing project at Mama Beach

At the moment the FAD supports a small group of 11 young people at Mama Beach who have been provided with complete fishing equipment to practice artinasal fishing. They will  use the proceeds to maintain livelihood and the project. And besides this they will keep reserves for support to future  community development programmes.



  • Community education centre Waterloo  – Provision of welding equipment and support to help the center become self sustaining and at the same time being able to provide skills training for youth in the community and its environs.
  • Rehabilitation of two school buildings in Sumbuya and Makkoseh and providing teaching and learning materials to several schools in Koya chiefdom and the primary school at the poliocamp in Grafton.
  • Vocational training  for the youth in Sumbuya and Waterloo.

Self employment

Facilities for self employment for the youth of Sumbuya in the purchasing of land and constructing self employment facilities for those who have been trained in tailoring, hairdressing, electricity, carpentry and automechanics.

Health , water and sanitation


  • refurbished and furnished the health center at Sumbuya. The FAD takes care for maintenance the health centre.
  • provides drugs for this health center in addition to providing assistance in training and material assistance to the staff at that clinic.
  • provided the hospital in Songo with a water well, generators and electricity for night emergencies.
  • provided two motor bikes to both clinics to help transport staff to cases of emergencies when patients could not travel by themselves to the clinic. Beside this the motor in Sumbuya is especially used by the trainer for the blind patients  to support them in their hometowns.


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